the book on podcasting

Podcast for Personal and Professional Dvelopment


Written by Alexander Laurin

Sales Executive Recruiter, Career & Life Coach, and the World’s First Authentic Podcaster’s Coach.

The Book on Podcasting was written to help individuals by using the tool of the podcast to shorten their path to success. This book will cover the mindset and strategies you need to grow, become happier, and feel more successful. In these pages you’ll learn:

  • The career, business and networking doors podcasting can open for you
  • How podcasting can help you leave a long-lasting, digital legacy
  • A new way of looking at podcast as art, with the host as an artist
  • The potential to re-invent yourself and change your life
  • The effectiveness of your podcast on a Résumé

Take Alexander’s life transformation as proof that Podcasts change lives. He’s on fire!

John Lee Dumas

Chapter 1
Career and Business

This chapter dives into how building your own podcast establishes you as an authority. Alexander uses himself as an example. He decided to call himself The Podcast Coach. By doing that and acting like a podcast coach on his shows, that’s what he became.

You can do this in any career field. As your show and content grow, you are seen more and more as an expert.

He also talks about why podcasting has several advantages over blogging. A podcast can be listened to anywhere, so it’s easier for people to access.

If you’re a job seeker, consider building a podcast instead of a blog. The podcast still helps you share your skills and knowledge, and the listener can connect better because they hear your voice.

Podcasts open up networking and business opportunities. This chapter talks about several monetization strategies.

Finally, it’s a way to market your business. If you’re in a small niche, a podcast can help your target audience find you.

Chapter 3
Learn, Change, and Have Fun

Podcasting opens a new path for you to learn a lot. Not only about the industry and people, but also about yourself. Almost every podcaster out there will tell you they learned something about themselves shortly after starting a podcast.

This chapter also explains how podcasting also has the power to change you. For example, it can make you more self-confident. You learn how to get over the fear of rejection. The success of your podcast can change how you see yourself.

Finally, it’s fun! Podcasting lets you connect with potentially thousands and thousands of like-minded people. You get the opportunity to interview them on the show and read your subscribers’ comments, social media posts and emails.

Chapter 4
Living Well

This chapter talks about how podcasting can help you live a happier, healthier life.

For example, you may find you don’t even want to watch TV anymore. Instead, you just want to connect to people and work on your podcast. This is a much better use of your time, plus you’re still enjoying yourself.

There’s also the creative aspect of making the podcast. When your creatives juices are flowing, your soul dances. It feels great to know you are making something new. In a way, it becomes a part of your spiritual practice.

Finally, a podcast is a great way to leave a legacy that lives on after you pass away.

Chapter 2

How To Get Started Creating Your Own Podcast

Alexander’s book expanded my ideas about what a podcast is and what it could contribute to my life. The book is easy to read and packed with encouragement and insight. I am inspired me to keep creating.

Dorena Rode

Chapter 7
Self Help & Pseudo Podcast Therapy

This chapter focuses on how podcasting can help relieve you of stress. Alexander has found that simply by talking about a hard, stressful subject on his podcast, he feels relief afterwards. Almost lighter, as if a burden has been lifted off his shoulders. A podcast is a great way to let things go.

Hearing yourself on the podcast talk about these things is also very powerful. It can help you build confidence in yourself. You realize if you can overcome these hard things in your life, you can conquer even more. You grow as a person.

Chapter 8

Podcaster Success Stories
Full Chapter and Bonus Interviews Here

Chapter 5

This chapter talks about how your podcast can make you a happier person.If you start to podcast about happy things or what you’re thankful for, you will feel happier.

A lot of podcasters feel this way. They’ve found spending time on their podcast doesn’t even feel like work. It’s a positive experience and they love doing it. It’s what makes them happy.

As your podcast becomes more successful and gives you more joy, you may find yourself changing. You’ll see yourself as a different person. A happy, social person who is making a difference in the world.

Chapter 6
New Relationships

This chapter covers one of the biggest benefits of podcasting. This medium, perhaps more than any other, opens the door to connect with great, influential people.

Anyone can start a podcast where you interview people. You can then leverage this podcast to get a chance to talk to them. You make a new connection and podcast episode, while their exposure to the world goes up. Win-win.

As you do this, your circle of influence changes. You’ll be impacted by your guests, and you’ll be challenged to grow as a person, podcaster and business owner.

Something else to consider is doing a podcast with family members. It gives you an opportunity to create something and spend time together.